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Is Rihanna Tattoo’s True Queen?


rihanna1World-known singer Rihanna has become a fashion icon for many girls and women. This fantastic celebrity never looks boring – she’s always about something new and fresh in her style.

To date, queen Riri has 25 tattoos on her body: from tiny signs to big outstanding pictures, and each one has a deep meaning. Some of them are so cute and symbolize Rihanna’s feelings, another show her values of life, part of them are connected with special events in the singer’s life.

Foot Tattoo
The ankle of Rihanna’s right foot is decorated with two tattoos – a musical note and a treble clef.

1988 on Riri’s ankle is one of the latest tattoos, its meaning is evident – just the year of birth.

Camouflage shark appeared on the ankle just recently at the end of 2016.

The right leg of Rihanna is a place for a falcon. She believes that it is a symbol of light in the darkness.

Skull on Rihanna’s ankle is the only tattoo made with color ink.

Rihanna calls to be silent with her “Shhh…” tattoo, which is inked on the index finger of the singer’s right hand.

Another pretty little tattoo is on her left hand. It’s the inscription “Love” on the middle finger.

The singer brought a tattoo featuring a Maori tribal pattern, the meaning of which is strength and love, from New Zealand. This tattoo is inked on Rihanna’s right hand.

She also has a chevron, lines, and henna design on the back of her hand.