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Mother Roasted Son for Eating Without Permission


A livid Nigerian mum took the drastic routes as she roasted the hands of her 11-year-old son for taking food without first asking permission.

Mum Roasts Son
Mum Roasts Son

Child abuse or child abuse is equally important as physical, sexual, and/or psychological abuse or neglect of a child or child, especially by a parent or caregiver

Obviously a case of child violence, the mother of an 11-year-old survivor in Akwa Ibom was abused by Victory ‘s mother. According to the news website, by setting it directly on fire because he took food from the pot without permission, the mum burned her 11-year-old son’s hands.

An eyewitness who sent photos of the wounded boy known as Victory said he was living with his father; Clement, the driver of Keke NAPEP; and his biological mother; an orange seller;at number 33 Afaha Ikot Obio Nkan Street, Udo Udoma avenue in Ibesipko LGA in Akwa Ibom state.

On Friday, October 2, Victory went into their kitchen to get something to eat; after his parents allegedly left home without giving him anything to eat.

When his mother found out he went into her kitchen to get food by himself; she allegedly lit the stove. Thereafter, she placed his hands on the fire; inflicting serious injuries on him.

Older injuries on the boy’s body also show this isn’t the first time his mother will torture him.

There’s a burn scar on his stomach alongside other scars on his body.

See more photos below.

Roasted Son Full Photo
Roasted Son Full Photo


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