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My Players Must Be Under Their Partners During Sex – Antonio Conte


ContebigInter Milan coach, Antonio Conte has given his players a piece of advice on how they can have sex with their partners.

He begged them to only have sex for short periods and opt for positions where they are under their wives.

He added that he demands seriousness from his players and they have to adhere to his rules.

His words, “I advise my players to have sex for short periods, with the minimum of effort and use positions where they are under their partners and preferably with their wives. Because then you don’t have to be exceptional.”

“As soon as I get to work, I demand seriousness, then I set rules and limits to give direction. We are all very good when it comes to talking about rules, but how many have the strength and the desire to enforce them when the problems arrive?

“Many look away to avoid issues. I’m not like that. Anyway, you can be whoever you want. If you’ve had a great football career, a player will evaluate you, weigh you up and in just two weeks they’ll say: ‘this is a top coach, this isn’t a top coach or this is an average one’.”

On his tactics, “It depends mainly on the players I have available,”

“In Serie B, I played with a 4-2-4. I tried to use this tactic at Juve but I quickly went to 3-5-2 or 3-3-4, depending on the interpretation. This approach was unique.

“My staff and I have always been an example to others. Moreover, before I arrived in the Premier League playing with three centre-backs was taboo. I started with a four-man defence and lost 3-0 to Arsenal [24 September, 2016]. I then changed because I had players who needed to be protected.”

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“One last thing about taking over at Inter as a former Bianconero: I think of myself as an honest and loyal person on all points, I believe in work, effort, sacrifice.

“I do not change my personality, I’m not an ass licker, I do not play the violin. I try to make myself appreciated for all that, but if you prefer to fan the fire rather than take me as a positive example…

“I got to where I am by myself and I do not have to thank anyone except my parents. I am a free spirit.”