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My Post About My Daughter’s Sexuality Was Meant For Parents Only – Charly Boy


Charly BoyPopular celebrity, Charley Boy has come out to share an open letter to apologize to his daughter.

This is coming after his baby girl slammed him for raising the topic of her sexuality days ago.

According to him, he is sorry if his Instagram post rubbed off on her the wrong way, but he actually put it out for parents only.

He added that he only wanted Nigerian parents to always give their kids good advice and keep guiding them on the right path.

His words, “My Dear Dewy,

I know the last few days may have been tough for you flowing from my Friday post
“For Parents Only” on my Instagram.

I apologize if my post rubbed you the wrong way, for this I am deeply sorry, my bad.
Forgive me.

But Honestly,
I was talking to parents trying to get them to understand that they-can only give good advice or put their children on the right paths, but the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.

I came into parenting the way most of us did — knowing nothing but trying to learn everything, becos, who no go no fit know.
The journey of parenthood is an emotional roller-coaster, filled with happiness, sadness, worries, frustration, pride, excitement and much more. Parenting is an amazing adventure.

When people dey yab me say you dey tackle me for social media, I just dey laff.
I dey laff bcos Na so I tackle my papa before I collect my independence. Lion no fit born goat. Never forget that the Oputa’s are very special people, and in you I see me.

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Since Saturday morning I have received thousands of phone calls from parents and young people who feel disconnected with their parents. Their testimony has been quite insightful.
I was only able to offer a listening ear and soothing words, but I feel taller because our story inspired thousands.
That’s a good thing.

My darling, I promise to allow you tell your story like I have been able to tell mine. I respect your perspectives and I understand. I brought you all up as Global Kids and not as timid village champions.

Let’s just go back to the friendship we have been working on.
I love you and no one can contest, not even you.

My Charly Girl
Princess Dewy
Daddy’s Totori”


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