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Nigerian Prank Mark Zuckerberg


(DPA) FACEBOOKA Nigerian Facebook staff member, Olaoluwa Okelola, pulled a fast one on his boss, Mark Zuckerberg, when he devised a silly prank using Chicken Nuggets as bait.

The idea was to get Zuckerberg to attempt taking one of the Nuggets, which would ensure that the box directly above the food items falls on him.

Guess what? It did not work!

The Facebook boss made a post of it with the comment, “One of our engineers set a trap for me using an Oculus sensor. I’m not going to fall for it, Olaoluwa Okelola!”

Apparently, it is not business all the time over there at Facebook. They also relax.

Luckily for Okelola, his boss also has a sense of humour. It would have been quite devastating for him if that was not the case.

Zuckerberg launched Facebook from his Harvard University dormitory room on February 4, 2004. It has gone to become a major success, revolutionising the social media and becoming the trendiest platform at the time.