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Only Mufc Can Pay Pogba’s Wages Right Now – Fabio Patrici


Paul PogbaJuventus director, Fabio Pratici has come out to say that Paul Pogba will struggle to find a club that will be able to match his wages at Manchester United amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Frenchman has been tipped for exit even if recent reports said he might be looking to stay beyond the next transfer window and extend his contract in the nearest future.

Reacting, Fabrico simply said Paul is obviously a great player but finding a new club to pay his wages will be very tough right now.

His words, “He [Pogba] is a great player but he will struggle to find someone who can pay his wages.”

Recall that Mufc legend. Lee Sharpe recently said Pogba is not a bad influence at the club. His words, “I’d like the club to keep him, I think he could be an absolute United legend,”

“I think he’s one of the best players they’ve got at the club.

“He’s world class on his day. I know at times he doesn’t do that for 90 minutes and often enough but I think if they were to build a team around him and bring a few players in that can play around him and get on his wavelength I think he could be a sensation for United.

“The only thing is if Paul Pogba has decided that he wants to leave then there’s not a lot you can do about that if you’ve got an unhappy player.

“I don’t think he’s as distracting and a bad influence in the dressing room as people make out. I think the players quite like him to be fair, I don’t think that’s the issue.

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“I think it’s whether Paul Pogba wants to stay at Manchester United.

“In the current situation when they’re re-building and they’re not really challenging for leagues it’s a question he needs to ask himself and whether he wants to go elsewhere and look for that.

“But he could be a massive part of the re-build. They could build a team around him and he could be a United legend for years to come.”