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Ole Deserves Credit For De Gea’s Improved Form – Fletcher


David De Gea and Anthony MartialDavid de Gea’s improved form for Manchester United is because of Henderson’s return to the club, Darren Fletcher has said.

Fletcher recently revealed that De Gea knew he had to step things up as he is feeling the pressure from Henderson who is also looking to be number 1.

According to him, everyone knows the Englishman is a obvious threat to David’s position so the Spaniard now knows there is little room for errors at the club.

He added that club manager, Ole also deserves credit for always backing De Gea even when he was making lots of mistakes.

His words, “People wonder why Henderson was kept around, and it was to push David,”

“[Sergio] Romero was always happy to be No 2. [De Gea’s] performance tonight was fantastic. Dean Henderson is a threat but he has a lot to learn.”

“[De Gea] had a period where he was making mistakes, it wasn’t just one game. But Ole backed him, so Ole deserves credit too,”

Hnederson also had this to say, “The aim is for me to play football next season and I don’t want to be not playing after last season. Coming off a good season with momentum, it wouldn’t be clever for me to sit around and not play football. I don’t think that would help any parties at all,”

“David de Gea has obviously been a great goalkeeper first and foremost for many years and he’s been phenomenal. That’s something I aspire to be, to have a career like him at the club so I’ll be going back in first day of the pre-season working my socks off to get in that starting line-up.”


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