Home Crime News Osun Residents Loots Warehouse for Covid-19 Palliatives

Osun Residents Loots Warehouse for Covid-19 Palliatives


Some angry youths in Osun on Friday stormed a warehouse in Ede town, where COVID-19 palliatives were allegedly stored.

Osun Residents Looting Palliatives
Osun Residents Looting Palliatives

Equally important, the youths carted away food items meant to be distributed to residents.

The angry youths trooped out in their hundreds to the moribund Cocoa-Ceramic Industry in Ede where the COVID-19 palliatives were stored.

The InfoStride reports that some of the COVID-19 palliatives carted away include beans, noodles, sugar, salt, garri, rice, pasta; among other items. There were no attempts to stop them.

Covid-19 Palliatives
Covid-19 Palliatives

Specifically, Mr. Mufu Akano, one of the youths who spoke to newsmen, said he is happy to be among those who will go home “with what belongs to us”.

Akano noted that the food palliatives which were supposed to be distributed to residents in the state were locked up in a safe haven for some unexplained reasons and agenda which he considered “evil”.

Also, he commended the zeal and effrontery of the looters; including some commercial motorcyclists and drivers of some private vehicles who joined in the looting.


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