Home Crime News Suspected Hoodlums Vandalize Osogbo Mall Amidst #Endsars Protest

Suspected Hoodlums Vandalize Osogbo Mall Amidst #Endsars Protest


On Saturday, alleged hoodlums capitalized on the ongoing # EndSARS protests to attack Osogbo City Mall, vandalizing stores and carting away electronic gadgets, phones and laptops.


Eye witnesses told the Nigerian News Agency (NAN) that at around 7 pm, hoodlums stormed the mall on motorcycles, forcing security guards and shop owners to run for protection.

In the meantime, the attack came on the day the convoy of the state governor was allegedly targeted by protesters from # EndSARS, leaving two people reportedly dead.

One of the eyewitnesses, who requested anonymity, revealed that the hoodlums’ fierce approach sent everyone fleeing for safety in the mall.

He said the hoodlums came in large numbers and had a free day; he added that no police or other security personnel intervened to save the situation.

“They rode on over 20 motorcycles with about three passengers each on the bikes…They came with dangerous weapons. The private security guards at the mall had to run for safety, because they don’t carry arms.

“The hoodlums destroyed the glass doors of the electronics stores within the mall and carted away phones, laptops and other items,” the witness said.

Also acting on the guise of the #EndSARS protests; there was a report of arson at a public facility in Osogbo, allegedly carried out by the hoodlums.


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