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The Chances Of EPL Resuming Are Slim – Just Spee

Bruno Fernandes and Paul PogbaPresident of Dutch Football Federation (KNVB), Just Spee has come out to say that he thinks it is very doubtful that the EPL will be able to complete its 2019-20 season.

Spee recently revealed that the chances of the English Premier League resuming is slim because the chances of it happening is far from realistic at the moment.

According to him, the fact that everything keeps getting postponed nowadays is a sign that the pandemic is still with us so there is no guarantee that things will change for football to continue anytime soon.

He added that the EPL will need a number of weeks to be wrapped up this season, but there might not be enough time for that as the days continue to go by.

His words, “It was a very bitter day because you want this to happen on the pitch, not by two or three people behind a table having to make this decision,”

“There are winners and losers and in particular for the losers it was a very very bad day so we feel sad. We feel sad that we had to come to such a decision, we sympathise a lot with those clubs and their supporters. At the same time, there was no way around it.”

On games with fans, “It is slim,”

“At the same time I do know that what is true for us – we are footballers, we want to play – is true for all of my colleagues around the continent.

“And in the UK it is not different. So they will hold onto a sliver of hope as long as it’s there. But again, we’ve seen how this develops. Is it realistic? In the end it probably will not be but we’ll see.

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“To be honest, seeing what is happening and seeing that things get postponed week by week by week, how realistic is it that within the next three or four weeks we will come to a different conclusion? Not so much I believe.

“And also the Premier League will need a number of weeks to complete their competition. Is there going to be enough time for that? Doubtful, very doubtful.”