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Those Demanding For Buhari’s Resignation Are Enemies Of This Country — APC Gololo

All Progressive Congress APC
All Progressive Congress (APC)

Recall that President Muhammadu Buhari, had since, disbanded SARS, through the Inspector General of Police, Muhammad Adamu.

However, the protesters are still mounting more pressure as they continue to occupy the streets with some calling for the resignation of the President.

APC Chieftain, Dr. Gololo, while briefing newsmen, stated that the ongoing protest was rather targeted at Buhari and not the SARS, alleging that some powerful politicians somewhere may have been sponsoring the move to make the President Buhari led government unpopular.

“If not for mischief and devilish thought, why on earth would they still continue to protest, when President Buhari has already disbanded the SARS? That means there are other motives behind that protest.

“To even think some persons will cross the red line and start asking for Buhari to resign is the height of insolence and unpatriotic habit. Why are they asking him to resign when they didn’t vote for him in the first place? Check out the sections of those calling for his resignation, they didn’t vote for Buhari. Those who stood for Buhari and voted for him are pleased with his leadership charisma.

“Revolution cannot be gotten on the streets. We practice pure democracy and it amounts to treason to make attempt to upturn a democratically constituted government the way they are going. The only way to change a government is through the ballot which they could not achieve in 2019 because the majority of the people in Nigeria stood with Buhari”, Gololo stated.

The chieftain also urged various security agencies, especially, the Police and Secret Service to go after the sponsors of the protesters who are causing “civil unrest” and bring them to book.

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“The Inspector General of Police and the DG of DSS should live above board and carry out intelligence of those behind the civil unrest and move to unseat the President. Let the Service Chiefs also do their work and if they are tired, they should kindly bow out and stop the embarrassment,” he concluded.


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