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WHO Gives Update On Stroke


The World Health Organization, has in commemoration of the ‘World Stroke’ day,given update about stroke. In a post WHO analyzed the risk causing factors of stroke. According to WHO, 90% of strokes are preventable by taking heed to its risk factors.

World Health Organization
World Health Organization

World Health Organization noted that engaging in regular physical activity reduces the propensity of one getting stroke. Ordinarily Physical activity like exercise such as running, jogging, taking a walk or at most visiting the gym, strengthens the bone muscles and thereby help to prevent stroke.

WHO also stated that healthy eating helps the body in fighting against stroke. Healthy eating should constitute the consistent in take of fruit alongside one’s diet.

The World Health Organization also advised against involving in smoking or the excessive in take of alcohol. As these enhances the development of stroke in the body.

According to WHO, stroke is the leading cause of disability globally and the second leading cause of death world wide. WHO further explained that 1 out of 4 people have stroke and 150,000 estimated people in Nigeria die of cardiovascular health challenges like stroke.


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