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World Trade Organisation Conduct Assessment On Subsidy Programmes


The assessment submitted by the chairperson of the World Trade Organization’s Committee on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures,Michèle Legault Dooley, reveals that the World Trade Organization members continue to default in meeting their obligations to notify the organization of their subsidy programmes.

World Trade Organization
World Trade Organization


According to Michèle Legault Dooley even though efforts have been made to enable members to bring their notifications in time, which includes offering of technical assistance from the WTO Secretariat, notwithstanding compliance with the obligation to notify subsidies remains low.

83 of the WTO members are yet to make their new subsidy notification for 2019, even though the deadline for submission of notificattion lapsed over a year ago. Also, 68 members are yet to make their subsidy notifications for 2017, even though the deadline lapsed over three years ago, while 58 members still have not made their 2015 notifications, which were due over five years ago.

According to the chairperson,the low compliance with subsidy notifications continues despite members having stressed the importance of the information provided through subsidy notifications and recommitting at their 2017 Ministerial Conference.

The United States however submitted a revised proposal for ensuring timely responses to questions asked by members on the subsidy programmes of other members.

Most of thel members expressed supported the proposal, while one member objected, stating that developing countries may have difficulties in meeting the timelines for responses.


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