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KYC Partner Management Job at Airtel Networks Limited

Job Title: KYC Partner Management
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Employer: Airtel Nigeria (Airtel Networks Limited)

Job description:
A. KYC (Know Your Customer) terminal deployment;
1. Ensure KYC terminals are allocated to all regions based on deployment matrix.
2. Ensure KYC clients are deployed as required to the field teams.
3. Work with IT to ensure proper documentation,tagging and tracking of terminals.
4. Perform periodic market visits to check on inactive terminals.
5. Ensure constant feedback on performance of KYC clients deployed in the field.
6. Ensure a reasonable amount of kits/accessory inventory is made available for deployment from regional warehouse locations for impromptu requests.

B. KYC Audit/Compliance;
1. Ensure KYC processes are being carried out as documented in line with NCC regulations.
2. Ensure creation or re-engineering of KYC processes to meet future industry demands and challenges.
3. Ensure KYC registration checks are carried out to improve Quality and reduce fraudulent registration.
4. Ensure business compliance of KYC pre-registered sim regulations.
5. Ensure resolution of day to day operational and other related issues and timely resolution of these issues/ escalations and instituting proactive measures to prevent recurrence
6. KYC Terminals Management
7. Ensure Faulty terminals and accessories are identified and replaced within SLA.
8. Ensure tracking of activity status of clients and updating of the Master list is carried out.
9. Ensure KYC dongles are active on the network always to prevent inactivity.
10. Ensure all KYC complaints from the field are reported and resolved within SLA.
11. Constant monitoring of field teams to ensure compliance with approved KYC registration process.

C. KYC reporting;
1. Ensure daily monitoring of performance of KYC clients deployed in the field.
2. Analyse zonal/state reports for registrations,activations and synchronizations to give direction to field agents on areas of focus. .
3. Perform reconciliations with third party registration agencies for commission payments(bill statements).
4. Ensure KYC unbarring tracking reports are generated to improve KYC unbarring activities to improve TAT.
5. Ensure KYC compliance reports are sent to field teams daily for necessary action to be taken against agents engaging in sharp practices to improve KYC compliance.
6. Ensure Value segment centric KYC reports are generated and analysed at /zonal,state&LGA level to advise promotions ,lotyalty schemes and communication.
7. Ensure audit reports and checks are carried out and action is taken on lines in breach of KYC registration process.

Desired Skills and Experience:
Educational Qualifications & Functional / Technical Skills;
• First Degree
SQL Knowledge

Relevant Experience;
• 2-3 years experience with SQL and Data Management
• Good command of English language
• Good organizational, communication skills and attention to detail.
• Advanced reporting skills

Other requirements:
• Ability to build strong working relationships, internal and external to the organization.
• Leadership and decision making skills.
• Liasioning and Negotiation Skills
• Good analytical and numerical skills
• High level of discretion

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