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Firm Urges Governments To Use Technology For Efficiency In Governance

Technology-NewsA IT firm, Signal Alliance yesterday called on government at all levels to utilise technology for efficiency in governance.

The firm’s Director of Sales, Mr Chukwunonso Emeh, said in a statement obtained by our correspondent in Lagos that the use of technology would improve government efficiency and investment potential.

He said that the government needed to look toward technology in strategising and bringing on board policies that would transform the Nigerian economy in 2016.

According to the statement, the international community, through different governing bodies, has introduced indicators that are used as guide to enhance certain attributes within a country, using specialised solutions and services.

It said there was the need to use those indicators (services and solutions) to help address shortcomings within the Nigerian government ecosystem.

“These services will lead to government efficiency and healthier investment potential, consequently enhancing Nigeria’s ranking and positioning in international measures.

“Some of the interesting solutions and services include Government Online Presence, Citizen Engagement, Investment Platform, Civil Servant Platform, Payment Gateway, Correspondences Management, Education Solution and Health Solutions. They are proven solutions which enhance government efficiency and attract investment,” the statement said.

Signal Alliance is an IT and a system integration company that also invests and incubates technology startups. [NAN]


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