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Janet Jackson Battling Cancer?

janet_jackson_01-600x450American singer and actress, Janet Jackson who recently postponed her ‘Unbelievable’ tour has been reported to have a cancerous growth in her vocal cord.

Janet hinted ill health on Christmas eve via twitter, where she tweeted that she learned from her doctors that she must have a surgery ASAP and would need to postpone her tour and further requested her fans to pray for her and her family.

According to a source who told Radar Online that, Doctors found a growth on Janet’s vocal cord that could be serious and it needs to be operated immediately.

The source further said the growth has is yet to be identified as cancer, but if positive it means the Grammy award winning singer will no longer be able to sing as her vocal cords might need to be replaced with an artificial cord.

“God forbid that this should be cancer of the larynx, That would abruptly end her ability to ever perform again.” Dr. Stuart Fischer told Radar.

“Surgery would be very complex, and followed by months of radiation treatment,” he said.

In October 2015, concert dates dates were moved because requested for voice break from her fans, making this the second time the singer has postponed her tour date.

Get Well Soon Janet.


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