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Kylie Jenner Confirms Boob Job?

Kylie_Jenner_Galore_Mag_1_nud570Kylie Jenner’s appearance at the opening of Sugar Factory in Miami on Saturday, June 20 left many wondering if the youngster got a boob job. But here’s what she had to say about her larger-looking breasts at the event.

Kylie took to her Snap Chat explaining why her breast appeared suspiciously larger and brighter than ever before.

According to the reality star the only reason why her boobs seemed bigger was because of the tapes used to uplift them in order to appear beautifully underneath the plunged neckline sheer black dress she had on.

On Instagram, she posted photos of her daring look writing below: “Whoever thinks I have breast implants, there’s a whole lotta tape in here holding these up.”

Well, given the fact that Kylie lied to her millions of fans more than three times about her bigger lips, it’s kind of hard to believe those boobs of hers are totally natural!


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