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Choosing GEJ As 2015 PDP Candidate Was A Mistake – Fayose

GEJ-BuhariEkiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose has said that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) lost the 2015 general elections because it chose former president, Goodluck Jonathan as its candidate.

Fayose also said further that he wouldn’t have contested if he was in Jonathan’s shoes.

He made the comments during a recent interview with Premium Times. Excerpts below:

Do you agree with the Ekweremadu Committee that the party should zone the presidency to the North?

Fayose: You see, time will take care of that. In the first place, we lost the election because we did not pick our candidate from the north, not because Jonathan as a person was bad.

It was just a political miscalculation. The fact is that my former president, I chose my word, my former president, Goodluck Jonathan, tried his best. But if I were him, I would not have contested at all, you understand.

Because it is two ways: if he did not contest and the PDP lost out, he will still be an honourable man, and if he had given that opportunity to the north, those who defected from the PDP would not have defected.

But that is story. Jonathan did his best and I will still continue to support him. You know I was not there when they took the decision about him becoming the flag-bearer, but it doesn’t matter.

We can’t all put our mouth inside the soil. Somebody must remain with somebody. I will remain with Jonathan even if I am the only man standing. A man is not measured by the amount of food you have and the amount of properties you own.

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Sometimes sickness is good, it reshapes your life. Sometimes poverty is good, it helps your life. Sometimes failure makes you to reorder your life. It is not the end of your life.


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