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Kim Kardashian’s Famous Nude Selfie Vandalized In Australia

Kim Kardashian hype hairKim Kardashian’s headline-making nude selfie has been vandalized in Australia after a strret artist painted it on the side of a digital printing shop in Melbourne.

Reports claim just hours after the artist completed the racy mural, a vandal defaced the painting with brown and white paint, along with the word “SLUT.”

“It was vandalized only just eight hours after completion,” street artist Lush Sux, who created the artwork, shared with Aceshowbiz. He went on saying that he’s “bummed that people didn’t get more of a chance to interact with it and that someone felt the dire need to spray ‘SLUT’ across it.”

“I instantly felt the need to paint it 30 feet high. Perhaps I’m a little bit of an attention seeker, much like Kim. It’s just another painting in a long line of paintings I have completed that seem to get people all frazzled,” he said of the mural.

The artist previously shared on Instagram a photo of the two-story-high mural on Sunday, March 13. In another post, he revealed that Kim’s mural had been vandalized again with the word “whore” but it has now all been cleaned up.


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