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Falz Used As Case Study In School

Falz-Promo-Photo-61-180x300Popular singer and internet sensation, Falz The Bahd Guy is on a roll this year!

From nabbing a big win as the 2016 BET Viewer’s Choice Best International Act, singer, Falz is now being researched in schools.

He took to the photo sharing app, Instagram, today, November 25, 2016, with a photo of a project done by a Miss Onyeani Chiamaka Faith.

Titled, “Language Use In The Entertainment Industry: A Study Of Falz The Bahd Guy”, Falz is currently looking for the lady.

“Somebothy find deez babe for me plix!!” he wrote on Instagram.

Falz recently got over a million followers on Instagram. He took to the photo sharing app yesterday, August 16, 2016 writing, “As a thank you gesture, 10 lucky fans ave shanze toe ‘ang out wit me! Stay tuned for the simpu taks u wee do toe qualivy!”

Falz has continued to stand out in terms of his creativity and ingenuity, and has carved a niche for himself in the Nigerian industry.

He is known for his funny skits on social media, breaking out into a fast rising entertainer in Nigeria and far beyond.


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