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My Grandfather Is My Inspiration – Jidenna

Jidenna was a recent guest on The Breakfast Club Power on a radio station to talk about his recently released album “The Chief”.

The ‘Classic man’ talks about the Grammys 2017, his relationships, inspirations, the Obamas and Donald Trump.

When asked who The Chief is, “My grandfather and father were both traditional chiefs. My grandfather, he was a dope dude.

I never met him but he in many ways inspired the life I’m living.

All around he was a don and that really influenced me.”

On the 23 minute mark, he referenced his African- American and Caribbean roots saying, “there’s all these stories of trials and tribulations of me kind of discovering myself as a man, what it means for me to be a man, what it means for me to be a chief in the modern day, and you’ll see, in the midst of it is an African diaspora story,” Jidenna explains.

His late father, Theodore Mobisson was a tribal Igbo chief, which was a cultural mark of respect.


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