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Shehu Sani Wants To Sack Nasir El-Rufai From Office

Senator Shehu Sani has declared that he might vie for the Kaduna Governorship seat come 2019.

He said that the upcoming governorship election in Kaduna state will be based solely on merit and not affiliation to President Buhari.

Sani also said that he is currently focusing his attention on delivering his campaign promises to the people.

According to Daily Post, he said “Well, as for 2019, it is still far away. What is on the ground now is for us to deliver on the promises and pledges we have made as elected officials.

“So I have heard such a call, and I will answer that call at the right time. I may decide to seek to return to the Senate, I may decide to vie for the governorship of Kaduna State, and I may decide not to vie for any of the positions again, it all depends on the feeling from my people of what they think I should be able to overcome.

“The 2019 election is not going to be like 2015 election; under 2015 election, many people won election by virtue of their allegiance to Buhari, but by 2019, everyone will answer his own father’s name.

“We are advocating for people to go and vote for their conscience, and not to vote for anybody because of Buhari.

“Even if Buhari is going to contest election, vote for Buhari alone, and each and every one of us who wants to contest, we have to put him on the scale whether that person is capable, whether that person has performed, whether that person will truly serve after voting him into power.

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“So 2019 is going to be a year in which everyone is going to stand in the dock to be tried by the voters. So 2019 is not an election time, it is a trial time, and truly it is a judgment time for our conduct while in office.”

Shehu Sani has been at loggerheads with the Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-rufai over his style of leadership.


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