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Was Toke Makinwa Trully Guest Lecturer At The New York University?


Media personality Toke Makinwa became a subject of controversy following her invitation as a guest lecturer at the New York University (NYU).

Now Makinwa has deleted those controversial posts.

This comes after Toke, who was expected to give an address on “Building a Successful Brand in the Digital space” was questioned by fans regarding the authenticity of the NYU visit.

An Instagram user with the ID ‘mr_so_made_rich’ , also known as Richard Somade asked the book author to indicate the location where she would be giving her lecture on the campus but wasn’t the bit satisfied with her response.

“Hey Toke, let’s know which room the lecture is taking place and the time. Some of us here at NYU School of Law will like to listen to your lecture,” he wrote.

Makinwa referred the inquisitive fan to Lilian Ajayi, a professor in the institution for information concerning her planned address.

This proved to be unsatisfactory, birthing more probing remarks from her devotees.

Meanwhile, Toke has just put up proof that she actually held a lecture.

“Today was super exciting. Talking about my career always gets me pumped.

Enjoyed meeting all the students and answering all their questions about building a brand in the digital space.

Just to see all the wonderful people in that class was everything and everyone got a signed copy of OnBecoming. Thank you @lilianajayi for inviting me, it was so nice to meet you in person too.”


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