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Bobrisky Is Not Bothered How You Feel About Him – Victoria Inyama

victoria inyVictoria Inyama has joined those who have a soft spot for the self-acclaimed Snapchat queen, Bobrisky.

“In Bobrisky I see a very tough person who can’t be bothered on how you feel about him. I admire his guts. He has chosen his path and is living it,” she said.

This is coming a few days after the beautiful actress celebrated her birthday. She took to her Instagram page on November 23, 2017, where she thanked God for making her witness another birthday. She wrote about surviving cancer and also narrate her experience about a successful chemotherapy she had back in 2006.

“I woke up on this day in 2006, 9 hrs surgery, d doctors & nurses woke me up with Happy Birthday songs. D treatment is d most painful, still hurts, they didn’t think I would make it so he let them in……………….So am on d journey of D Self & here I Am, I don’t want Pity, I need You to Praise God for Me. So my hair doesn’t fully grow, so I cut it and wear it confidently.

“My darlings, Try Not to let anyone steal You from You, it’s hard when you’re in it……….You are All you’ve got.

To anyone dealing with Cancer, it’s mind over matter. My Prayers are with You. God is still God. Domestic Violence/Mental/ Emotional/ Psychological Abuse /legal Bully/ Keep me in your prayers too. Thank You for all your lovely messages. God bless you All for me. Am humbled #living#loving#laughing #learning#gratefulheart,” she wrote


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