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PDP Stole Ekiti People’s Future – Tinubu

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed TinubuBola Tinubu has accused the People’s Democratic Party of being a party of destruction and tagged them the ‘Poverty Development Party’.

He said, “We promised you almost four years ago that we’re coming for change and change we’re making. That change that we’ve been making is bothersome to the treasury looters.

“They say prices are up. Yes, we’re not disputing that. We’re saying you’ve eaten the breakfast of your children.

“They stole all the money, they are now talking about the exchange rate. Who stole the money? What do you have left in the treasury to exchange? PDP is a party of destruction. It’s the Poverty Development Party.

“When they stole your money, they stole your life. They stole your future.”

He urged Ekiti residents to take charge of their future by voting for Fayemi over the PDP who currently rule the state.

“It’s your duty to rebuild what has been destroyed,” he said.


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