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A Piece of the Action: Ways You Can Bet On the Next Kentucky Derby

Good-Magic Next Kentucky DerbyTake a look at this betting 101 guide to discover how to turn your money into more money on the next Kentucky Derby.

What are the Different Types of Bets?

There are three main types of bets, and if you are looking at your odds for the Kentucky Derby 2019 betting, then you should decide on one of the following:

– Trifecta Bets
–  Exacta Bets
–  Win-Place-Show Bets

Let’s begin with the first one, Trifecta Bets.

While this may the first type of bet on this list, it is by no means the safest (or simplest). In fact, this one should be reserved for the more experienced betters among you. Or, if you have already progressed through the line of win, place and show bets. And yes, it has a higher risk and, therefore, a higher payout than the others.

So, How do you Bet a Trifecta?

In order to bet one of these, you need to choose at least three horse. These three horses are your bet to come in first, second and third. You need to select the exact order in which the horse will win, and in order for you to win the Trifecta, they need to finish the race in that same order.

The Boxed Trifecta

You also have the option of a boxed trifecta wager. This means that your three horses can finish in any order, so you are basically just selecting your top three.

What is the Minimum Bet?

The minimum trifecta wager is 50cents and the minimum for a boxed trifecta is $3.

Sound a little too risky? Why not try the Exacta Bet?

The exacta is a little less risky than the trifecta. It is the middle ground in terms of betting risk and difficulty. Therefore, it yields a little less than the trifecta but a little more than the win, place and show bets.

So, How do you Place an Exacta?

First, you need to choose at least two horses that you expect to finish in the first and second places. For you to win the exacta wager, the horses need to place in the exact order you wagered that they would.

The Boxed Exacta Wager

Still too risky? Well, you can box your exacta wager in the same way that you can box a trifecta. Simply select the top two horses and it doesn’t matter which one comes first or second- as long as both are in the top two.

What is the Minimum Exacta Bet?

For an exacta bet, the minimum is as little as $2.

Back to Basics: the Win-Place-Show Bet

These three are the most basic of the bets:
– “Win”: If you want to win this wager, then the horse you bet on needs to win the race.
– “Place”: If your horse finishes in the top two, then you win the wager.
– “Show”: Simply choose a horse to finish in the top three. If the horse places in the top three, then you win your wager.

Obviously, the highest payout from the above three will be the “win” wager.

What is the Minimum Bet for the These Wagers?

$2 is the least amount that can be placed.

Find your favourite horse and place your bet for this years Kentucky Derby.


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