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The Legislature Must Make Diaspora Voting Possible For All Nigerians – FG

Yemi OsinbajoThe Federal Government has come out to say that it is prepared to unite with the Nigeria Diaspora Voting Council (NDVC) to guarantee the participation of diasporas in Nigeria’s elections.

Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo revealed this in Abuja recently at a Stakeholders’ Workshop organized by the council, with a view to tackling the voting problems faced by diasporas during elections.

According to him, the current administration endorses diaspora voting with no reservations and they want the legislature to make it a reality as soon as possible.

He added that Nigerians are ever ready to anything for the country wherever they are, so they should not be denied their right.

His words, “There is need for all stakeholders, who are desirous to participate in the elections to approach and work with the National Assembly to amend the constitution in order to accommodate those in diaspora to vote during our elections.

“This now goes to the legislature to make this a reality, namely: an amendment of the laws by the National Assembly so that those in the diaspora can vote in future elections.

“In the words of the President in Addis Ababa, `you will need to convince the National Assembly to amend the relevant laws to make diaspora voting a reality’.”

“I think we have heard a lot especially on the technicalities but the key thing is that we have agreed that it is desirable and that it is about time we knew what the legal challenges to achieving our goal are.

“I think it will happen. However, are there challenges? Yes, there are things to be worried about? That is why we are liaising with the National Assembly.

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“First thing we need is to be practical, have a draft bill that will be sent to the legislature, which Mr. Omole has already worked on, and all the issues will be debated so that Nigerians will decide whether they want it or not.”

“The idea is that a lot needs to be done. So, we need to come up with what is ours, what we want is ours.

“Nigerians are willing to do anything for their country. We should make diaspora voting possible for our brothers and sisters.”


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