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Trent Alexander-Arnold’s Rise Is An Example For Youngsters — Neco Williams

Trent ArnoldI am willing to follow in Trent Alexander-Arnold’s footsteps at Liverpool, club youngster, Neco Williams has said.

Neco believes Trent is one of the best full-backs in the world and a role model for the young players at Liverpool football club and all over the world.

According to him, Arnold has proven that anything is possible with hard work and dedication and his story is an eye-opener for upcoming footballers to believe in themselves and make their dreams come true.

He added that he is presently focusing on his game while watching the current LFC RB to study his own style football on his journey to improving as a footballer.

His words, “It’s just kind of an eye-opener to prove to people that anything is possible with hard work and dedication,”

“Trent was at the Academy from a young age and he’s gone up through the ranks. Now he’s obviously one of the best right-backs in the world and he’s playing unbelievably.

“So I think for all the Academy, it doesn’t matter what position, it’s just an eye-opener to prove to people that it is possible.

“When I’m training obviously I’m trying to focus on myself and my own game but at the same time, I’m watching Trent and trying to study how he plays also and try to take bits and parts of what he does into my game.

“I think that’s what I’ve been doing since I’ve been going up there [Melwood]. That’s definitely improving me as a player.”

On playing in the first team, “No, not at all. But obviously, with hard work and dedication, it can happen.

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“I’m just taking it day by day, just grasping it all in. It’s unbelievable training and being with one of the best teams in the world.

“To train with them every day, gaining experience is improving me as a player. I’m just growing in confidence every time I train with them.

“It is still a bit surreal. Like when you go in training and see the players, you kind of pinch yourself and be like, ‘Am I really here?’

“But as soon as you get on the grass, all your emotions go and you just focus on trying to do as best as you can.”

On Klopp, “He’s been unbelievable, he’s unbelievable with all the youngsters that go up,”

“Whenever we need help or support, he’s always there.

“He’ll have banter with us and treat us normally, like a normal player of his. Whoever it is – if we’re a youngster or one of his older, senior players – he treats us all the same. We all have the same banter and it’s good times up at Melwood.”


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