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6 Secrets You Didn’t Know About SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is constantly changing, meaning that it is one of the more complex marketing channels to keep up to date with. With this in mind, hiring an agency to fulfil your SEO services UK could help to ensure that you get the assistance that you need in order to remain visible online.

We’re taking a closer look at some of the secrets you may not have known about SEO, below!

  1. Optimise for People First

When boosting your sites SEO, it can be tempting to optimise for search engines such as Google without batting an eyelid. However, it’s important to optimise for users first, the robots. This is because whilst it remains crucial to consider Google’s ranking factors, your site won’t rank near to the top of page 1 if you don’t take into account what people really want. This is especially true as Google now uses machine learning AI to better understand whether users are getting what they desire from your website.

  • Content Is King

Whilst it’s important to optimise for people first and robots second, the importance of content never fails to cross Google’s or any search engines mind, which is why you need to find the fine line between the two. If your blog content isn’t getting as many views as you would like, you can then turn to other marketing channels such as social media to give it a boost!

  • It’s All About Design

The design of your website can play a major role in your site’s SEO success – something that many fail to remember. So, whilst it’s important to keep in mind Google’s considerations, you should also design your website with your customer in mind. Essentially, you want prospect customers to visit your site and believe that it is exactly what they have been looking for ensuring it looks clean and is easy to navigate.

  • Start A YouTube Channel
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Just like it’s important to not ignore the power of social media, you shouldn’t ignore the benefits in which starting a YouTube channel may have for your business. This is because YouTube is owned by Google and so having your own channel may benefit your sites SEO. By posting consistently, you will soon enough boost your SEO which will ultimately help to make your site more visible.

  • Don’t Do Anything Sneaky

In order to reach the top of page 1, some individuals undertake “black hat SEO techniques” which could result in your website being blacklisted from Google – forever. To ensure that your site remains safe, don’t fall for any false promises, as no one or no business can promise that your website will rank on page one in 1 week, let alone 6 months.

  • Remember That Google Updates Roll Out All The Time

No matter the day or time, it’s important to remember that Google constantly rolls out updates. In fact, multiple updates are likely to happen each and every day, making it harder and harder to stay up to date with the search engines latest secrets. When in doubt, remind yourself of what your competitors are doing!

SEO is constantly changing and so keeping up with all the latest updates can be a little time consuming. If you’re looking to make an impact and fast, test out some of our top secrets you didn’t know about search engine optimisation! Trust us, you won’t regret it.