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Alexis Sanchez Is Not Ready To Start For Inter Milan – Conte


Alexis SanchezChile forward, Alexis Sanchez is still not ready to get into Inter’s starting XI, according to coach Antonio Conte.

The Man Utd player has made only one short substitute appearance in Serie A since joining Inter on loan from Manchester United.

With Inter Milan currently topping Serie A and yet to draw r lose any game, Conte has said he is not in a hurry to start Alexis.

His words, “For him it is worth the words I give for everyone else,”

“When I see ready players, they will be inserted [into the XI].

“I have to work in the interest of Inter, not of individuals.”

“On Lukaku, I have said far and wide what I think, it seems to me superfluous to repeat it again,”

“For the midfielders, on the other hand, I am happy: beyond those who score, the more arrows we have available to our bow, the better.

“But even in the past, this is a department that has always played a fairly important and decisive role in my teams.

“When you start a new project, the hope is that it is long and lasting. The more you stay in a club, the more it means that your ideas are being assimilated.

“Surely for a coach to stay long is the best thing. I’ve never been able to coach the same team for more than three years, and change means starting from scratch.

“It’s not easy, because you have to find people who can support you in every context.”