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Bissaka Can Contribute More In Mufc’s Final Third – Bruno Fernandes


Bruno FernandesManchester United midfielder, Bruno Fernandes has come out to hail Aaron Wan-Bissaka for his amazing goal vs Newcastle.

Bruno recently revealed that no one in the team knew the England defender could shoot like that.

According to him, Bissaka will make even more contribution in the final third if he keeps emabracing a more positive approach on the ball while attacking.

He added that he is happy for Aaron because he deserved such a goal for being more than a defensive player.

His words, “[We were so happy] because we didn’t know he can shoot!”

“So it’s difficult for us believing he can score because we never see him shooting.

“We were talking about it now in the dressing room and asking him because we all were thinking he wanted to cross and he makes a bad ball and scores.

“But I’m happy for him, he deserved the goal and we always ask this from him. Be more positive, be more in the box, try and improve because he has such good qualities.

“Everyone knows about him being a defensive player and everything but he needs to show that he’s more than a defensive player and I think he has the qualities to show that.”

“What happened against Tottenham can’t happen again. We play for such a big club and such a big team,”

“This club deserves better than that. Everyone needs to be better, starting with me, I need to look at myself first and then at what the group needs to do better.

“Today it was perfect, after that defeat. I think we need to continue improving, don’t concede goals, as I said before, and keep scoring.”


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