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Celebrities Also Beg For Money – Anita Joseph


Anita JosephNollywood actress, Anita Joseph has proven celebrities can sometimes, also get caught up in tight situations, as she revealed her most embarrassing moment yet.

Anita, in a recent chat, recounted a day she was left stranded at an airport.

‘I never believed I would have to ever beg for money in my entire life but it happened to me this unforgettable and embarrassing day at the airport. Jesus, I was so embarrassed. I was at the airport and needed to use the ATM because I didn’t have a dime on me,’ she recalled.

‘But for some reason, the ATM didn’t work and I couldn’t withdraw any money. This is after I had eaten at a restaurant at the airport and needed to pay. I looked around to see if I could spot anyone I know until my instinct told me I had no choice but to beg.’

The Anambra-native said it was ‘inconceivable and unimaginable’ that she had to beg, ‘but it was the only reality staring me in the face or I had to face bigger embarrassment from the restaurateurs.’

Thankfully for her, a stranger offered help after she had been rubbished by another who wondered why an actress ‘doesn’t have any money on’ her.


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