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Chevron Announce Progress In Carbon Emission Reduction


Chevron alongside other oil and gas producing companies has today announced progress in reducing upstream carbon emission and have set a target for the collective upstream carbon level in order to reduce the effect of carbon emission on climate.


The Oil and Gas Climate Initiative also noted that they reached beyond the set target of upstream methane intensity of 0.25% and tends to lower methane level to 0.20% by 2025.

The statistics show 22% progress made in upstream methane emissions since 2017. 7% of the collective upstream carbon intensity was as a result of members contributory action.

In 2019, 21.1kg CO2 /now carbon emission was achieved, which reduced absolute upstream emissions by 21m tonnes of CO2e.

Members of the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative, are engendered towards achieving 20kg/boe.


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