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Creative Ways to Promote Your Mobile App


The 21st century is regarded without any question the most fast-growing technology-wise in human history. The only other century that comes close to its importance was probably the 19th century when industrialisation took place. While the latter focused on the mechanical side of the matter, our century focuses more on the software edge. And so, mobile apps have become a significant asset for everyday life.

Social Media - Instagram - Facebook - Twitter - Mobile Apps
Social Media – Instagram – Facebook – Twitter – Mobile Apps

Hundreds and thousands of applications that are important for various tasks are forgotten on the great sea of mobile apps just because people are unaware of them, meaning that the marketing for these apps was not done in the right manner.

Is not enough to develop an app for your business, you also need to know how to promote it, and for this, you need genuine strategies and plans, only then can you say that your app is triumphant on nowadays market standards.

Below I will present you some ways that will help you shed light on your mobile app.

Marketing on Facebook

As most people tend to spend an significant amount of their time on social platforms, it must be the correct decision to try and advertise your product on social media sites such as Facebook.

As you may already know, Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms that millions of people use. And such, is only natural to start advertising our mobile app on this platform. But what can you do more exactly? Well the answer is simple, you can create a page for your app, where you can post information about it, such as videos, photos and descriptions about your product.

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Facebook also lets you promote the app by using the promote feature, but for that you must invest in a small fund. The last thing you can do on Facebook to bolster your app is to post an invitation link on different groups so they can download your application. In April 2012, Facebook acquired one of the fastest-growing media platforms, Instagram, giving you another solution for displaying your app.

YouTube channel

I remember that one day while I was casually scrolling through youtube searching for free slots videos, I came across with a video that promoted an app which could monitor your weight or something like that. This clicked in my head, if that person could promote their app on YouTube so can you! In the same way as other social media sites, Youtube lets you share the link of your uploaded videos with people from other platforms, giving your trademark a high awareness.


Unlike other social media platforms which let you connect with whatever people you like, LinkedIn is specifically created for business and career professionals to link with one another. And such, LinkedIn is the most suited platform for promoting your app with your fellow coworkers. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a fantastic tool if you are looking for acquiring assets. With it you can search for anyone based on countries, regions, titles and jobs. Still, before you message a potential client make sure you understand that person, and so your intro should be suited for him.

Ratings and Reviews

Answering the reviews, regardless if they are positive or negative, is a must if you want to have success with your application. I’m sure some of them will appreciate that you took your time to answer them, as I’m also sure that you will stumbleupon some critics too. Another helpful tip is whenever a user uses your app , request that person to give a rating or review. I’m sure I don’t need to explain to you how important reviews and ratings are nowadays.

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Promoting your mobile app on any of these social media platforms can guarantee you your desired success, but you need to keep in mind some important things before you post on them. Always use headlines! A good headline can grab people attention right from the start, making them more willing to give a try to your creation. Also make sure you are using hashtags, because they will help you increase your visibility. You can also keep your hashtags responsive, so whenever a user clicks on them, it will take him to the app page.

I hope that after reading this you are more encouraged to promote your apps on social media platforms. You won’t regret it!


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