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Don’t Doubt Liverpool This Season – Mark Lawrenson


No one should doubt Liverpool’s chances of dominating in 2020-21, Mark Lawrenson has said. Mark recently revealed that we should not forget that Liverpool are top of the league with half their team missing.

Sadio Mane and Mohammed Salah

According to him, he is shocked that some people are asking questions of the Reds after the amazing standards being maintained by a squad that has conquered domestic, continental and global competitions.

He added that if the Reds were not creating chances, then he would have been worried, but it is just a matter of finishing them.

His words, “If they were not creating chances then it would be a serious worry, but they are still making loads of them,”

“If they had nicked a goal at Newcastle on Wednesday, which obviously they could and should have done, then they would have won, gone five points clear and everyone would be saying ‘who is going to stop Liverpool now?’

“Instead, it is a case of ‘well, they are only three points clear’. It’s a fine line, that changes people’s perceptions of how a team is doing when it really shouldn’t do. I’ve spoken to Liverpool fans who tell me ‘oh, we’re not doing well at the moment, and we can’t put away our chances’.

“My response is usually quite dry and along the lines of ‘no, they are only top of the league and with half their team missing – and that front three have been terrible for the past three years, haven’t they?’

“Being serious though, teams don’t win the league by 15 points every year. This is what usually happens with the ebb and flow over the course of a season when you are challenging for the title – and you have to remember Liverpool are not being beaten either. The reaction when they do drop points just shows you the standards they have set.”


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