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#EndBadGovernance: Our Unhappiness Is Not Costing Buhari Any Sleep – Davido


DavidoPopular singer, Davido has come out to say that it is baffling that President Buhari has only addressed citizens once since the #EndBadGovernance and #EndSARS protests started.

He recently revealed that despite everything that has been happening, it is very shocking that PMB is not taking the plights of the people seriously.

According to him, our leaders feel like they do now owe us anything or any explanation and that is a very big problem in Nigeria.

He added that as citizens, our unhappiness should cost Buhari and other leaders their sleep but they are obviously not accountable enough.

His words, “Our president has only addressed us once in the past 10 days … despite everything that is going on.”

“This is the problem. They don’t feel like they owe us enough. That they owe us explanations enough. That our unhappiness shouldn’t cost them their sleep!!! It all goes back to our votes and the fact they feel we ate not responsible for them being in these positions !! (sic).

“We need #ElectoralReform for these leaders to truly understand this accountability we are asking for is our right!!!”


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