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England Was Resilient Vs Belgium – Gareth Southgate

Gareth Southgate
Gareth Southgate
England manager, Gareth Southgate has come out to hail the resilience of his boys during their 2-1 win against Belgium.

He recently revealed that the players have shown that they know how to put in the required work to win such big games.

According to him, Belgium is a top team and they definitely caused lots of problems for England, but his boys defended well to seal the victory.

He added that the penalty England conceded could have been avoided, but the general response was very impressive.

His words, “It was a top level game. We had a lot of young players there for whom that was a really great experience,”

“Belgium are a top side and we knew the questions they would ask us down the sides. In the first half, they overloaded us in wide areas and they caused us problems.

“The penalty gave us a foothold and our second half performance was so compact without the ball. In these games, you can’t just play with the ball. Against the very best, the detail of how you defend has to be bang on.

“We had to see that spell through and we had the resilience to do that. You have to suffer to win these big games and the players did that.”

On the first half, “We were getting caught in transition and he was getting balls played straight into him,”

“We shouldn’t have got caught on the penalty. We should have been positionally better. But to ride that storm and to respond how we did was really impressive.”


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