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Expect More Goals And Assists From Rashford This Season – Fernandes


Marcus RashfordManchester United midfielder, Bruno Fernandes has come out to say that Marcus Rashford deserves more credit for his brilliant teamwork for the club.

Bruno recently revealed that the Englishman is definitely important for Mufc despite his goal returns drying up.

According to him, Rashford will still score more goals and provide more assists this season because he keeps working for his teammates and the team.

He added that coming back from injury is the reason he has not gained his full confidence yet, but that will come with time.

His words, “I think everyone is talking about Marcus not scoring a lot of goals but he is doing an amazing job,”

“The game he is playing now, maybe he is not achieving his goals and everything but, with everything we are doing now, he will achieve more goals and more assists.

“In the games, in the complete football, because football is not just about goals and assists, it is about the team and Marcus is playing very well for the team.

“I hope Marcus can find more goals because he deserves it for the work he is doing for the team, and nobody sees it because everyone sees the goals and who scores and assists. The work he is doing for the team is amazing.

“Marcus was injured for a long time so it’s difficult to find that confidence again, to do things like shoot from far out. But he is doing an amazing job for the group and I think he deserves credit for this.”

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“The play we did, the way we came to score, means it’s one of the best goals from a team [perspective] that I’ve scored,”

“That’s because of all the teamwork. We won the ball with the header from H [Harry Maguire], Nemanja [Matic] takes the ball and Mason [Greenwood] did an amazing run but, at that moment, Rashy did a perfect run.

“He was one of the far [off] guys but comes so fast to the goal that defenders know if they give him space, he will score.

“So maybe he [the defender] closes him down being closer to the ball and, when the cross comes over, and it was a great ball by Mason, after that I just need to score the goal.”