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Federal Ministry Of Health Celebrates Universal Health Coverage Day


The Federal Ministry of Health has today commemorated the Univeral Health Coverage Day. The Honourable Minister of Health, Dr Ehanire was one of the speakers at the event.

Universal Health Coverage Day
Universal Health Coverage Day

In the course of the meeting, the Honourable Minister of Health Dr Osagie Ehanire said that Universal Health Coverage is been given attention all over the world and still remains the major priority for health systems globally particularly in the coronavirus pandemic.

He stated that this year’ edition of the Univeral Health Coverage Day is aimed at protecting everyone from financial hardship while trying to access health services.

This year’ edition of the Universal Health Coverage “Health for All: Protect Everyone”. Dr Osagie Ehanire noted that Universal Health Coverage “requires an increase in financial risk protection for the populace through expanded health insurance coverage with minimally & acceptable out of pocket payment & increase in the minimum benefit package of healthcare services available”.

At the meeting Dr Ehanire congratulated stakeholders in the health sector and appreciated them for their contributions.


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