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World Health Organization Gives Safety Tips On Global Hand Washing Day


In commemoration of the Global Hand Washing Day, the World Health Organization has outlined guidelines for safe washing of hands.

Global hand washing day
Global hand washing day

The World Health Organization has on thursday October 15, which marks the Global Hand Washing Day, prescribed the use of alcohol based hand-rub to scrub the hands for a minimum period of 20 seconds and maximum period of 30seconds.

The World Health Organization expressly stated that the hand should be cupped while applying the alcohol based hand-rub to cover all surfaces. The palms should thereafter be scrubbed against, after which the right palm should be rubbed over the left dorsum with the fingers interfaced and vice versa.

According to the World Health Organization, palm to palm with fingers interfaced scrub should be carried out. Also the back of the fingers to opposing palm with fingers interlocked should be scrubbed. and the left thumbs should be rotationally clasped in right palm, vice versa.

The World Health Organization also stated that the rotational rubbing backwards and forwards with clasped fingers of right hand and left palm vice versa. The hands should then be left to dry. This according to the World Health Organization makes the hands safe from germs.


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