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I Stayed In The Big Brother House For As Long As I Could — Lolu


LoluProfPicLolu Omololu Shomuyiwa is the second runner-up of the 2018 Big Brother Nigeria reality event. In this interview with Michael Nwosu, he talks about his getting into Big Brother, the experience and his plans for the future.

WHO or what inspired you to go into Big Brother?
I have always wanted to go into the Big Brother house. The audition that got me into the house was my third audition and I felt it was a platform I needed to excel and exceed my expectations. So going into the Big Brother house was to showcase who I am and I am happy about the outcome.

Where you comfortable with the level you got to at the Big Brother game?
Yes, it is one thing to go into the house and another is to stay for as long as I did. Then another is to have all the opportunities that I had in the house and get the votes of my fans . I must say that I am grateful to my fans because without them, I would not have gotten this far in the house.

What are the things you did before the Big Brother experience?
I wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary, I was just working and hoping I will get a call.

What was your first day in the Big Brother house like?
It was a very interesting experience, it was a new environment. I had 19 other housemates to understand, relate with and learn from and I had to do this every day. Personally, I think that was the most challenging part for me brainwise. I also realized that there were cameras everywhere and it was the first time of my life that I was in the eyes of the world.

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Did your experience match your expectations?
It is big to be in the Big Brother house even for a short time and it opened my eyes to a lot of things. Flashback from the day that I left for the house, I had 1, 508 followers on Instagram and it was really amazing. As I speak now, I have crossed 202,000 followers on instagram and I would say that Big Brother was a big platform for me and others to be out there in the world. We were already trying to be successful and Big Brother has really helped us to be successful .So I am truly grateful for that.