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Injuries Cannot Be An Excuse For Liverpool – Klopp


Jurgen KloppLiverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp has come out to say that the club will not use injuries as an excuse this season.

He recently revealed that Liverpool’s status mean that they are always expected to win no matter the circumstance.

According to him, it does not matter the players that are available, the club is still Liverpool, and 3 points will continue to be the aim.

He added that he is very sure things will level off over the season because games are incredibly intense for the fit players right now.

His words, “Whoever is available, we are still Liverpool. That’s how we see it. It means we want to win the game,”

“Actually, I think most of the people think we have to win the game. You can see that when you speak before a game, or after a game, people don’t talk about [who is available] – he is not available, he is not available, yes, yes, no – nobody really would allow you to use such a situation as an excuse. And we don’t, we don’t.

“The situation is tough, 100 per cent, but we are at matchday – where are we, nine, 10 coming? Not sure. So, it feels quite long already but it’s not even a third of the season.

“So, who cares who is where in the moment. We try to play football. We won some games, drew in others, lost one massively. So, that’s the job.”

“This is not a season where you throw a target – at the start of the season – on the table and say we have to be here or there. Everybody tries to come through. Everybody. Some teams are obviously, so far, more lucky with injuries than others. That is the situation,”

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“But I am pretty sure that it will level off over the season because it is just incredibly intense for the boys. The most intense period starts for all teams. So far it was massively intense for all the teams involved in European football.

“From now on, we play all three days. And all the teams will have to do that. So, some teams will realise now how tough it is. That’s why we have still [got] to talk about the five subs, even though we didn’t vote yesterday.”


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