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I’ve Never Thought About Leaving MUFC – Rashford


Marcus RashfordManchester United forward, Marcus Rashford has come out to hint that he intends to stay at the club for the rest of his career.

He recently revealed that he has never thought about quitting his boyhood club, and he hopes to be around for many more years.

According to him, it will be very weird for him to put on another shirt because MUFC gave him an opportunity as a kid.

He added that MUFC is much greater than these last five years, and it will forever be a great football club.

His words, “For me, I never look beyond Manchester United,”

“As a kid I never looked beyond Manchester United. In my mind it wouldn’t sit right for me to be pulling on another shirt. I just want to do my best for the club while I’m here. Long term hopefully.”

On being appointed MBE in October, “All the good things that have happened this year have come from Manchester United giving me an opportunity as a kid. I don’t just remember the last year or the last five years.”

“I’m talking about when nobody in my family drove and I had to get to training and United had people to come and take me to the training ground and take me back home when I was six, seven, eight, nine.

“The times they put me into accommodation when my mum was struggling at home, when I was 11 and I was there up until 16/17.

“It is a lot deeper than what people see sometimes. I think people see some of the stuff that has been happening since I’ve been in the first team but the bond that I have with United is much greater than these last five years and it will forever be greater than probably my actual career because they are the reason I have become a footballer, they have given me the opportunity to express myself and to find out I had talent in football.”


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