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Jadon Sancho’s Talents Have Been Overhyped – Gary Neville

Jadon SanchoManchester United legend, Gary Neville has come out to say that Jadon Sancho is still yet to attain the level of players like Sergio Aguero, Gonzalo Higuain, Lionel Messi because they are proven title winners.

Neville agrees that Sancho has been a part of an amazing group of young English players but his talents have been overhyped amid talk of a new golden generation.

According to him, England is developing in football but their players are still not at the level of Brazilian, Argentine, German and Belgium footballers.

He, however, added that Jadon Sancho remains an undisputed talent but we should stop putting him in categories that includes world beaters in football.

His words, “To be honest, Jadon Sancho in this moment of time… we get carried away,”

“I think we’ve got an amazing group of young English players. But we have to consider the other players that exist, Brazilian players, Argentine players, German players, Belgium players – we are not the only country in the world.

“That’s how it was as an England player and an England coach, ‘we have a golden generation’. You say golden generation and obviously, it was Becks (David Beckham), Stevie [Gerrard], Frank [Lampard], [Wayne] Rooney, but then Brazil had Rivaldo, Ronaldinho and Ronaldo, what’s that… platinum?

“You say we have a golden generation but you forget these other countries have world stars. It’s like, ‘hang on a second’. Argentina have Aguero, Higuain, Messi, Di Maria, how good are they compared to Jadon Sancho? Jadon Sancho is nowhere near these players.

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“Let’s be clear, Jadon Sancho is a talent, but we can’t start putting him in the category with world stars who are winning European cups and World Cups regularly, season in, season out.”