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Juventus Is Very Imperfect Under Pirlo – Luciano Moggi


Andrea PirloJuventus have no identity under head coach, Andrea Pirlo, ex-manager, Luciano Moggi has said.

Moggi recently revealed that even if Juve are still unbeaten this season, the results should definitely be better.

According to him, Juventus is very imperfect right now because they should not need Ronaldo on the pitch to beat teams like Crotone or Benevento.

He added that the club has no tactical identity at the moment and that has to change very sonn.

His words, “For the moment, this is an imperfect Juve,”

“Ronaldo would be fundamental for any team, but if in his absence you don’t beat against either Crotone or Benevento, it means that there is a problem.”

On who should start between Morata and Dybala, “They’re two different strikers, but equally useful to the team with the characteristics they have,”

“There is no rivalry between them but both will be important throughout the season, even if Pirlo’s team have yet to find a tactical identity. Juventus’ problem is to get back on track as a great team that goes to attack their opponents in the last 16 meters.

“When playing with quality, and when they are attacking and asserting their superiority, Dybala becomes essential. This is because he knows how to beat a man, sees gaps and creates space for his team-mates.”

“Otherwise, Morata would be better because his movement from 40 metres out can lead him to getting clear in front of the opposing goalkeeper, a situation in which he has a cool head to score.”


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