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Lenten Season Is A Period Of Love And Sacrifice


Lenten-SeasonMy Dear People of Cross River State,

As we undergo the rites of the 40-day Lenten Season which leads us to Easter, we must show love for one another.

As a people, we must show love and patriotism for our State at all times. We must also remember that no Nation can do well under tension, pressure, hatred, betrayal and lack of love for one’s neighbor.

Let it be known today, that from the swamps of Bakassi to the hills of Obanlikwu, we share a common destiny. We share a common heritage and never again must we show contempt for one another.

The Lenten season is a period of sacrifice, it is a time where all Cross Riverians must have a sober reflection on the way forward for our State and Nation. It is a moment of deep reflection, commitment, patience, tolerance, and a period of self denial.

Lenten season gives us an opportunity to reaffirm our believe in the true virtues of Jesus Christ. His sufferings on the Cross and a moment where we must re- dedicate our lives back to Christ.

In the spirit of Lent, I call on all Cross Riverians, irrespective of party affiliation, creed, and tribe to show love for fellow Cross Riverians.

It is our collective responsibility as a people, to promote the culture and heritage of the good people of Cross River State. We must understand that they are many persons out there who look up to us and never again must we use our intellectual prowess to destroy our State and Nation.

Our local people need us to contribute positively towards the growth and development of Cross River State. Our old, weak and indigent people look up to us for a better Cross River State and we must not let them down.

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Our State is experiencing a lot of hard times as a result of the global economic crunch. As we observe this year’s Lenten season, I urge all Cross Riverians to pray, for God to strengthen our State and people.

We must use this spiritual exercise of Lent to shun violence, bigotry and the use of hate languages on our brothers and sisters. We must use this opportunity of Lent to re-commit our State to the hands of the Almighty God instead of propagating hate and evil tendencies.

My people, our State is blessed with so much potentials. We are blessed with so much resources. The time has come for us to proffer solutions to the many challenges the State is experiencing by adding value to the State through our intellects and well thought out projections that are chanelled at ameliorating the sufferings of our people.

I wish all Cross Riverians a peaceful Lenten period and a memorable time with God.

Thanks and God bless!

Prince Thomas Abi Jr.