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Letting Pogba Go Will Be The Right Decision For Man Utd – Paul Parker

Paul PogbaFrance midfielder, Paul Pogba is “bad for Manchester United” and the club has to move from him as soon as possible, Paul Parker has said.

Parker believes Pogba is bringing too much negativity to the English club and he does not see his love for Mufc returning ever again.

According to him, Pogba’s quality is still incredible but it is time for United to let go and start afresh with different players.

He added that letting Lukaku go was the right decision and the same must be done with Pogba.

His words, “At this moment in time, he is bad for Manchester United.

“He’s bringing too much negativity to the club. His quality is incredible, but he’s averaged about one performance in 10, that’s how bad he’s been.

“I think they need to shift on from him now, I see any comeback now as being very, very difficult. He’s been a bad fit all round.

“When you see [Romelu] Lukaku now scoring loads of goals, he had to leave because he was affecting the club and the dressing room – it was the right decision.

“Pogba’s agent says he sees Juventus as his home. He left his home for a package holiday, the package was the big package and now he wants to return – that’s what it seems like.”

On Mufc’s transfer dealings, “There’s been a lot more lowlights than highlights.

“I put it down to the unstable running of the football club. Everything from above has been massively negative, which is reflected on the pitch.

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“They’ve been signing the wrong players, not as footballers but as men, mentality-wise. Prior to Ole Gunnar taking over, there were some terrible signings.”

On Ole, “The moment you bring in someone who is very inexperienced, they get absolutely persecuted.

“For Ole Gunnar, everything has to be right. He has the biggest rucksack in the world.

“Just let him do this job with the tools he’s got. When he came in, the club were in a bad state. There were a lot of scars there from the previous regime, and he built bridges that were broken from the previous manager [Jose Mourinho].

“Frank [Lampard] at Chelsea can say he uses young players and no one wants to close the door on him, it’s strange really.”