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Maddison Should Stay At Leicester City Till 2023 – Heskey


James MaddisonLeicester City midfielder, James Maddison does not have to join Manchester United any time soon, Emile Heskey has said.

Heskey believes that the English international is already at the best place to develop as a footballer.

According to him, Maddison is still young so he has several years ahead of him and lots of time to learn everything that is required to be a top footballer.

He added that there is nothing bad if James stays at Leicester City for two or three more years because he would just be 25 by then.

His words, “Maddison has to look at himself and found out where his pathway lies. He is still a young lad with many years ahead of him and a lot of learning still to do,”

“He has a great teacher in Brendan Rodgers. But at some stage he will be wondering what his next path will be. That he has taken it so far at Leicester and now what is the next path. So at some stage he will be looking to move to a bigger club.

“Right now though I don’t see why he can’t stay for another two or three years. That will still only take him to 25.”

On Grealish, “I don’t think Grealish needs to move but I think he wants to. He is going away with the England team and holding his own but he will still want to prove something, to know that he can do it week in, week out,”

“Not just in a 10-day spell with the Under-21s or training with the England full team, but week in, week out, and I know that he can. I played with him when I was at Villa and he was just 15 and he could hold himself then. With England he will have spoken to people and they will have told him what it’s like at the bigger clubs, 100 per cent.”