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28-Year-Old Man Nabbed After Sexually Assaulting Dog


Following his act of sexual assault with a dog that had recently given birth, a Kenyan man known as Dickson was arrested.

Dog assaulted

The 28-year-old Kenyan man was nabbed on Tuesday, September 30, committing animal bestialism.

The incident took place in Kakamega District , Kenya, in Mulitu Village in Lumakanda, Lugari Constituency.

“I had gone to buy vegetables from a nearby store”, according to the dog’s owner, Margaret Wachanzu; and upon returning home, i found the perpetrator in the act, Dickson Boyi.

According to Margaret, “On arriving home, I heard my dog yelping in the hen house.

I tiptoed to the place, and also found my dog had been tied to a wooden post using a mosquito net.”

“Hiding, was a man known to me, Dickson. He was naked at the time. I asked him, what he was doing unclothed in my chicken coop. Instead of responding, he surged forward; collected his clothes and ran away,” said Wachanzu.

“I suspect Dickson had come to steal and; thereafter, commit the indecent act with the animal.

What is even more disturbing, is that he had sex with my dog despite it giving birth recently to five puppies.”

A search for Boyi has been initiated by police in Lugari, K24 Digital understands.

It is important to know that bestiality is a man’s sexual association  or sexual assault with a smaller species.

Infections which are transmitted to humans from animals are called zoonoses.


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