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Maritime Workers Union Suspend Warning Strike


The Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria has suspended it’s proposed three days warning strike. Following this development the Nigerian Port Authority, has thereby commended the union for suspending the warning strike which was supposed to commence yesterday.


The suspension of the industrial action is as a result of deliberations between the Union and the Nigerian Port Authority.

The Nigerian Port Authority stated that during the meeting, members of the union were promised that traffick congestion and rent seeking on access roads to the ports will soon be addressed as an electronic-call up system will be adopted starting from January 2021.

The NPA is currently collaborating with the Lagos State Government to provide truck holding bays as part of the implementation of the electronic-call up system.

The Nigerian Port Authority is also liaising with the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing for the implementation of the remedial works on failed portions of the port access road.

Management is partnering with the Lagos State Government to deploy law enforcement officers for the maintenance of sanity along the Port Logistic Ring.

The Nigerian Port Authority has reiterated that directive has issued to shipping companies to ensure that the size of their respective empty container holding bay is correlate with the volume of containers they bring into the ports.


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